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The Academy is proud to be part of the Brisbane City Council, Better Brisbane ‘Active and Healthy Lifestyle’ program. In partnership we are able to offer FREE or Half Price lessons to the community throughout Brisbane.
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Active Parks

The easy-to-follow Tai Chi & Qigong moves are repeated each week to enable you to get a feel for the gentle flowing exercise “moving meditation”. The union of mind and body creates a much needed feeling of relaxation. After you have learned the basic steps and flows, you can then easily join the Academy’s structured classes, where you can learn more detail and progress to intermediate & advanced levels.

G.O.L.D. Program

“Growing Older and Living Dangerously”

The Academy offers the TAI CHI FOR FALLS PREVENTION and Healthy Ageing Program To improve balance and stability through a special evidence based Applied Tai Chi program.
On the GOLD booklet cover is Master Rod Ferguson’s picture featuring our ‘Applied Tai Chi Balance & Stability Program’ for falls prevention. Rod is recognised as the master of balance training, this program for Brisbane City Council is now in its tenth year

Additional Resources:

Avoid inactivity – ‘move’ An article by Master Rod
BCC Active & Healthy – Website
Gold Coast City Council Active & Healthy – Website



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