Tai Chi and Qigong

Increased energy levels, health and happiness..

Tai Chi is for Everyone!

We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where we do not judge your ability but rather inspire you to achieve your goals. However, starting a new adventure can seem daunting at first. Therefore, be gentle and kind to yourself.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Sun protection is recommended for outdoor sessions.

You can sit down anytime during the session. If you require a chair, please bring your own as some venues, especially parks, may not have one available.

You can attend park sessions casually and follow along if that is your preference. You can also attend multiple sessions if possible in your area. The more you practice, the greater the benefits.

For structured courses, we recommend attending as regularly as possible to keep up with the sequence of movements. Try to develop a regular, even daily practice.

We hope you will feel more relaxed after the first lesson. Additionally, the sooner you mentally review or practice your movements, the more you will remember. It usually takes a few weeks to feel competent with each part.

The goal is to remember the sequence enough so that you can start practicing. The more you practice, the more benefits you attain. Getting the basics down helps you progress onto more advanced/beneficial details.

We recommend using the resources tab on this website. Memorising the names of each exercise will help you practice better. Learning the names helps you retain the sequence and identify parts that may need more attention.