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1. Traditional

Good to see that traditional Tai Chi is continuing with many masters and devoted students preserving the rich cultural heritage. They practice in the parks, and there are many schools and academies, Tai Chi often combined with Kung Fu.

I performed Tai Chi and the Dragon Phoenix Fan at Kung Fu Corner in Kowloon Park – an honour to be there along with many of Hong Kong’s top Kung Fu and Tai Chi Masters and their students. >>> Some video and pictures CLICK here

When discussing Tai Chi and Qigong with locals, they all agreed that the principles are the essentials, regardless of the myriad varieties of forms being practised – “We’re all drinking from the same pool”. It was interesting that many see Tai Chi as being separate from Qigong exercises.

2. Community (Local Government)

The Hong Kong Local Government areas are promoting community participation including Tai Chi or Qigong as a public health promotion, similar to our ‘Active & Healthy’ programs. I observed and participated in several sessions in local parks. Many of the participants were seniors but had not done Tai Chi before or regularly and the majority were happy just to follow as exercise.

3. Scientific Research

I had the opportunity to meet and discuss the research into Behavioural Medicine of Mind, Body and Spirit with Dr Adrian Wan PHD at University of Hong Kong Centre for Behavioural Health. Learning of Adrian’s work on Self Compassion and Mindfulness was most enlightening.

I think this sort work is most important for the future recognition of Tai Chi and Qigong and its application in mainstream medicine. >>>Read article on Mindful Self Compassion here

Hong Kong photos

Rod Ferguson

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