A seasonal focus for health maintenance exercises is a very important example of being aware of ourselves and our surroundings (environment).

For the winter it’s recommended to work on kidneys & bladder to balance the water element in our body. You should focus inward more to help store energy and boost the immune system.

Maybe even do a little exercise in bed. Gentle movement nourishes the joints and connective tissues, stretching is good. You could try lying on your back, raising your legs, bending the knees and rotating the ankles.

Then, sit up slowly and hang your feet over the side of the bed for a minute or so before you put your feet on the floor and get your day going. It helps to start your day with your energy balanced and flowing.

Strengthening your legs and knees is useful to increase energy, and thus warm the body in winter. When doing your tai chi and qigong exercises bend your knees a little more, don’t put strain on the joints but do try to activate the muscles, think about the back of the legs. Sit as deeply as you feel comfortable, sitting lower can really help to strengthen your legs, muscles, bones, ankles, knees, hips and also strengthens your vitality. However low you decide to sit, make sure that it is done with the joints in optimal alignment without strain.

Massaging the back, especially the kidney area is also very beneficial for your kidney energy, and boosts the immune system.

If your hands are cold, washing in warm water and/or massage can help get the circulation going, this also stimulates many of the energy points and meridians in the hands. If there are chilling winds, gloves can help keep warmth in, also avoid chills in the neck by wearing a scarf.

As often as you can, take long, slow, gentle deep breaths with a smile on your face. This will warm your your body from the inside out.

Master Rod Ferguson


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